There he was in the hall.

I snuck a glance.

A rush fell over me. 

If only. I felt my cheeks beginning to burn. No, no. Not again. The anxiety was toppling all of my other thoughts. I wish I could get noticed. I wish he would notice me. No I don’t. What would I do anyway? The red pigment in my cheeks shined brighter. No, calm down. It’s fine. Stay calm. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. Simple. No, not simple. Emotions are too complex, why should I care? But I do. I say I don’t but I do. I want to be noticed and not ignored. I want to be admired and not looked past. I want to be seen, but still lying in the shadows I sit. To be ignored. To be overlooked. And not to be seen. 

Daily Prompt: Isn’t Your Face Red


Pen on Paper #1

Was it time? Was she ready? Selene wept loudly. Her mother rushed to her side and cradled her. The comfort of her mother’s gentle voice encouraged her. It’s alright, she returned to her feet. Slowly, with all of her effort she focused. Carefully lifting one leg, placing it onto the ground. Yes! She did it; now, again. Lifting her left leg she staggered slightly, catching herself before the trip. Her foot landed loudly onto the ground. She giggled excitedly, the overwhelming feeling she had felt was gone and she was overcome with such a joy. Her mother watched her and smiled. She gentlest took her hand and helped her take her second steps with the camera in her other. A priceless moment; a young toddler and her mother walking together, hand in hand, for the first time.