Pen on Paper #2

Sitting there she hoped it wouldn’t come over her again. Constantly she felt everyone’s worries, the worlds problems building up inside of her but there wasn’t anything she could do about it. The world was so big and she so small.
“Someone else will take of it” they always say. But have they?
The thoughts crowded her mind despite all the other more important thoughts that should have been surfacing to her brain, rather than this.
She turned it over and over constantly in her head.

if I forget about it, surely it will go away

She knew it wouldn’t.
Because it never did.

She wished she could erase everything about it from her mind, she could see her happiness on the other side of this wall that she had built with the problems of the world. And she knew it was a barrier that could never break.

But sometimes the wall felt so fragile. Like it could snap so easily and she could almost touch the beauty lying on the other side.

It mocked her because she never she could never really grasp it.


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